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Re: Unbuttered Bread

Hi, it's been a while since I lived long term in Japan but I was
just back for a business trip and my Mom is back there now for a while.

Based on that, I think it is possible to get bread without butter, at 
least in Tokyo.  Look for french bread/rolls, French style bread seems to
be the same so can't be made with butter.  Or there is a very dense 
dark rye that is really great, I have never seen anything like it in 
the US.  My mom even said there are one or two places that makes bagels 
now. If you are in Tokyo, let me know & I'll ask my mom where she goes 
& make sure that it's made without butter.

BTW how do you get around the fish stock/essense being everywhere problem?
I would think that would be more difficult (unless you aren't strict
about not eating fish).....

Aiko Pinkoski