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Re: Brown Basmati

Maybe it had an unusually large number of hulls, but no amount of rinsing,
soaking or separating seemed to help the rice be more edible.  Isuspect,
however, that it was simply a bad brand.
Sabdra Mort

On Fri, 17 Apr 1998 Pixilated@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Sandra Mort wrote:
> >I found the
> >brown basmati that I purchased on several occasions to be full of hulls
> >and unpleasant to eat,
> When you wash brown basmati (or other brown rice), put it into a pot of
> cold water or a large bowl.  Stir the rice gently and almost all the hulls
> will float to the surface.  You can then scoop them off the top with a
> small wire sieve.   Drian the rice in a large wire sieve and then you are
> ready to cook it!  ;)
> Lynda
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