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Re: Potatoes reply

Hi Kathleen,

I'll send this to the list as well, because I wouldn't want anyone to get he
wrong idea.

Kathleen wrote:

>According to your post to fatfree it is better to eat french fries than a
>baked potato. I'm interested in knowing the reason.  Also, why should we
>stay with a level below 100.

You're right! According to the list of the glycemic index French Fries is
lower on the list than a baked potato. However, I took it for granted (my
mistake, sorry), that in addition to keeping your food intake lower than 100
on the glycemic index, you should also eat "Fat Free", as this is a fat free

>Also, why should we stay with a level below 100.

Foods off the Glycemic index with a value of less than 100 take longer to
process in the digestive system. Them MAIN result is you put off hunger
pangs longer. As a result it helps you to eat less and not feel hungry as
quickly as foods which are higher on the index.

Incidently, once you add fat to any food, it drops dramitically on the
index. This should in NO WAY imply that it is good OR better than foods
which don't have fat.

Hope this helps