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Unidentified subject!

>I have a question about pam and other cooking sprays used by FFers.  As far
>as I can tell, all of these products contain alcohol as a propellent.  My SO
>is a teetotaller (won't even use cough syrup with alcohol), so I was
>wondering if anyone has found a product without alcohol, or if you know if
>the alcohol will evaporate with cooking.

Rosemary --
One thing you could try is making your own spray. I haven't done this myself
but I've heard tell of others on the list doing so. 

Purchase a plastic spray bottle (try your local CVS or other drugstore and
look in the toiletries/hair care sections) and put olive oil in it. Use that
instead of Pam or other aerosol sprays that use alcohol. 

As I'm sure you know, Pam is NOT a fat free product. It is only that by
using the spray can to distribute the oil, the serving size is cut so
dramatically that Pam can list one serving as being 1 gram of fat (or
whatever). Your homemade sprayer will operate under the same principle -- it
will keep you from using too much.

Of course, another option is to forego such sprays entirely, and do your
stirfrying in veggie broth, water, juice, etc. 

Good luck!