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Bread Machine Recipes

Diane Lachmann wrote
>I've finally found a couple of recipes for bread machines that actually
work ...

Thanks for these bread machine recipes - I can't wait to try them (have to
get a machine first tho ;-)

Thought you might be interested in the following site:
This is the Internet Chef site - either go to the Bread section, and look
for recipes with Bread Machine, ABM, or ABM in the title -or use their
search feature to find:

	'("bread" and "machine") or "abm" or "bbm" '

There are lots of interesting recipes but they do not claim to be FF. 
However, most bread recipes do not require much fat.  Any that seem to use
too mach fat can usually be adapted fairly easily, by substituting a
suitable liquid for most of the fat - even a little honey might help (it is
a humectant, i.e. makes the bread less dry).

Worth a try?

Aussie Robin