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Re: Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

     My favorites:
     Citrus juice reamer - perfect for getting every last bit of juice out 
     of lemons/limes/oranges.  It helps to roll the whole fruit back and 
     forth (pressing down with your hand) on the counter a few times to 
     really get those juices flowing.
     Digital Timer - Just great!  Times everything down to the second and 
     it won't stop ringing until you shut it off, so if you are out of 
     "hearing" range, you won't miss it (like with those one ring timers). 
     It also begins counting "up" once it has rang, so that you know how 
     long ago it was... I believe Health-O-Meter is the manufacturer, but 
     I'm sure other companies make a similar version.
     Wok - GREAT for cooking just about everything!
     Bi- Level Bamboo Steamer - Fantastic for steamed veggies! You can add 
     herbs to the water and the flavor gets steamed right into the 
     veggies.. but I guess you can do that trick with any steamer.