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Sushi Get Together

Hi Everyone-

  I'm going to plan this thing but I've only had a few responses so far.
I thought if I threw out some dates maybe that would get more responses
:-)  The Low-Fat list is also invited.

Sat Sept 20 - lunch
Sun Sept 21 - lunch or dinner
Sun Sept 28 - lunch or dinner

Let me know what you think or if there are any other date suggestions.
I'm also available most Fri or Sat for dinner, but Miyake's gets *very*
wild and loud, something I didn't think most people on the list would

Let me know if you are interested


Jessica R. Shawl - DT Platform Applications      Intel Corp. RN4-43 
http://infonet.intel.com/DT/orgs/apps/platform   2200 Mission College
jshawl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx                            Santa Clara, CA 95052
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