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Mashed Potatoes

Shawn Lovley asked for a mashed potato recipe. This is a big hit at
our house. Peel a half dozen medium sized potatoes and cut in chunks
no bigger than a golf ball. I like the brown ones you buy by the
bagful, red ones (which we call "new potatoes" in Texas) are good 
too, white ones take forever to cook. Peel a half dozen big cloves of
garlic. Barely cover the potatoes with water, add the garlic cloves,
and boil gently until the potatoes are well done (they'll break apart
easily with a fork and the water is starting to thicken a bit). The
garlic will be done by this time too, and you will long since have
smelled it cooking - mmmm!. Fish out the potatoes and garlic with a
slotted spoon and start whipping them in a mixer, slowly at first or
they'll fly all over the counter - this is where the mighty
Kitchen-Aid is worth its high price. Slowly add enough of the cooking 
water to make the mashed potatoes the consistency you like. Use a 
little skim milk if you run out of cooking water. Don't add too 
much too soon - you can always make dry potatoes moister, but it's 
hard to go the other way. Add salt and pepper to taste, either mixed 
into the potatoes or at the table.

Bob Simmons
Houston, TX