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Broth Blend addendum

        When I cut and pasted the broth blend recipe into my veggie soup
post yesterday, I beheaded the credits *and* the instructions.

        You have to give the mixture a bit of a workout in the blender or
food processor, to take some of the lethal sharpness out of the rosemary
'spikes'.  Store the mix in the fridge (the nutritional yeast should be kept
there anyway), and give it a shake before you use it.  It keeps
indefinitely, from what I can tell.  

        Recipe adapted from "The Uncheese Cookbook", and "Now & Zen
Epicure", with a good eye on the recipe Michelle posted from "The Country
Kitchen Collection".

        BTW - can we get Dr. Pinckey to re-post his own chicken broth
recipe?  Everyone's a-talkin' about it.