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Dixie Diners sing this song....

I sent a post to this effect last Wednesday but it never showed up in the
digest.  Just more of the neverending thread of Dixie foods....

I ordered the Healthy Meal Deal last time and didn't like the burger mixes -
not at all like 'real' meat loaf - the kids wouldn't eat them and the only
way I sorta liked them was in a cold sandwich, dripping with ketchup.  I
replaced the oil with Wonderslim but I doubt I would like them better using
the recommended grease.  I added liquid smoke and extra spices the second
time around and it was only a slight improvement.  I'm almost afraid to try
the taco and chili mixes.  I was really psyched about getting that much soy
protein into our diets....oh, well.

I FINALLY got my order of Peanut Better and didn't like that, either.  The
first disappointment was the change in formulation from the description in
the Dixie catalog.  They increased the fat content from 1.5 grams per serving
to 2.5.  The second was the taste - if any of you used to like that *really*
sweet brand of pb as a child (I think it was Peter Pan) then you might like
it.  Even my son passed on it.

So, it looks like the only items which pass muster in our house are some of
the actual Dixie-made products - the broth powder is excellent, fatfree, low
sodium and low priced.  I highly recommend that.  Chili made with the ground
beef not! is eaten by both my children without any negative comments, which
is really saying something.  (They don't like it in spaghetti sauce,
however.)  I've also found that if you rehydrate the beef/chicken not! strips
with more broth than directed and cook it longer than directed, it turns out
very nicely.  That way I can do without the bother of making it ahead of time
and refrigerating it.  As a matter of fact, I made a beef not! stroganoff and
my SAD son actually picked out and ate the beef not!  Lastly, I may or may
not buy the powdered tofu again.  It has lots to recommend it - low price,
high fiber, no blending necessary, much lower fat than block tofu, easy to
add as a thickener, etc.  The only problem is that the extra fiber prevents
it from getting completely smooth like silken tofu.  So, there you have my
opinion, for what it's worth.