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Dixie Diners sing this song....

Hi, all,

Still can't cut off this thread, can we?  <wink>  I bought the Dixie Diner's
Healthy Meal Deal and it was a great big bust.  As I usually do, I tried the
first one without much tampering (other than replacing the oil with
WonderSlim) in case it was fabulous but it was icky - not at all like 'real'
meat loaf.  I made the next one with some extra spices and liquid smoke but
my boys still wouldn't touch it and I had to eat it all in cold sandwiches
dripping with ketchup.  The taco and chili mixes might be better but I have
no idea what I'm going to do with the other two 'burger' boxes. I might even
try it WITH the oil to see if the kids will get rid of them.  <sigh>  I was
really psyched about adding that much soy protein to our diets...

As for the other products I tried, I may or may not buy the tofu powder again
(it's got more fiber and less fat and is cheaper than lowfat tofu, but the
fiber prevents it from becoming completely smooth) but the beef not! products
(broth, beef strips, ground beef and chicken strips) are good if you handle
them right.  Chili made with the ground 'beef' is eaten without any strange
comments by either of my sons, which is really saying something.  I made a
'beef' stroganoff the other night and the 'beef' came out really nice - the
microwave was occupied so I heated their brand of broth (that's really good
stuff, and the price is great) and some liquid smoke and hydrated less of the
beef not! than you're supposed to and then simmered it all longer than you're
supposed to.  If anyone's interested, here's the recipe (didn't go over real
big with the kids, either, but the interesting thing was that the SAD one
actually picked out and ate the beef not!)

Beef (NOT!) Stroganoff

2 1/2C water
1 1/2t Dixie broth powder (or your favorite veggie stuff)
liquid smoke to taste (1t?)
heaping cupful of beef not! strips (my mind just drew a blank - I think the
ratio is      supposed to be 1/1, so I said 2+/1.  If I messed up, please
increase the amount of broth to more than directed.)
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 block lowfat tofu
1T nutritional yeast
lemon juice or vinegar to taste
black pepper to taste
dash paprika
cooked pasta

Boil the water and add the broth powder, liquid smoke and beef not! strips.
 Lower heat to simmer.  Mince your garlic and add to the simmering 'beef'.
 Stir it periodically and turn off the heat when the liquid is nearly gone.
 Meanwhile, blend the tofu, yeast and lemon juice or vinegar to taste until
smooth.  I prefer the lemon juice and the yeast gives it a nice 'sour-creamy'
tang, too.  Add black pepper to taste.  When the 'beef' is done, pour the
tofu mixture into the pot, mix thoroughly and taste again for seasoning.  Add
the paprika and serve over pasta.

I did add my beloved spinach at the end, of course, but that's not the stuff
of 'real' stroganoff.