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SAD Families

          Julie voiced concern that her father would not change his
          eating habits, and some people have come back with advice
          that you cannot force people to change their lifestyles.  I
          agree wholeheartedly with this, but with an addition.  You
          also cannot let yourself feel GUILTY about it.

          My mother had a near heart attack a couple years back.  She
          was overweight, smoked, and ALWAYS drove the block and a
          half to the grocery store, no matter how lovely the day for
          walking.  You get the idea.  Her heart problems spooked her,
          though, and she has since lost almost 70 lbs, jogs 2-3 miles
          6 days a week, and is a VLF veggie.  All of this ON HER OWN.

          My father, on the other hand, smokes so much that he has a
          morning ritual of "hacking" himself awake for an hour every
          morning, is overweight, and was diagnosed with adult onset
          diabetes about 5 years ago now.  Still, you can never catch
          him without a bag of M&Ms in his hand.  My mother and I have
          tried everything, including me bringing him pictures and
          evidence of his inevitable limb amputation, blindness, etc.

          We have both come to the realization, however, that he is an
          ADULT (though he may not act like it), and it is HE who is
          responsible for what he is doing to himself.  He knows the
          consequences, but it is up to him to FACE them.

          So, painful as it may be, Julie's father needs to make his
          own choice.  And, no matter which one he makes, it is his
          responsibility, so no guilt, okay?  I think I have felt
          enough for both of us...;-)