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scanning and sharing books

Birdy Bright offers---
"I personally scanned all the recipes in his newest cookbook and then ended
up returning the book... I found there were too many recipes with FAT in
them, so unlike the McDougalls, hope they aren't getting greedy to just
make a "McCookboook" . I have that bunch too if anyone is interested.

If you are interested, e-mail me privately and when I get enough folks who
want them I'll do a mass mailing."

While I appreciate that your offer is a sincere one to share with others,
and BTW, if the McD's are using oil in their recipes I share your
disappointment, but I do feel strongly that scanning asnd sharing large
portions of a book is not proper.  To occasionally post a single recipe
from a book, giving credit to that book may also be questionable, but at
least it is a single recipe and may in fact help to promote that book.
Sharing large portions of copyrighted material is in fact taking potential
$$ from pockets.  Just my opinion.

Jan Gordon  jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx
"We are all the guests of the green plants..."
Ismail Serageldin, V P, Environmentally Sustainable Development