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Someone had asked about molasses.  I looked it up in one of my guides and here is the break down of Light cane Molasses compared with white granulated sugar.

15ml                             Molasses               Sugar
Calories                             50                        40
Carb.                                 13                        11
Calcium                             33                          0
Iron                                     .9                         trace
Sodium                              3                           trace
Potassium                          183                       trace
Thiamin                              .01                        0
Riboflavin                           .01                        0

The guide also lists Blackstrap molasses, (which I have never seen or know what the difference is.  May be someone can tell me.) and it seems to have more calcium, iron etc. and less calories and carbohydrates than the cane molasses.
My question about molasses:  Is it substitutable with sugar in recipes?  And, is there a way to mask the molasses flavour of which I'm not to crazy about?

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