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tofu in cakes

Hello everyone!  I hope you guys can help me out.

My dad's birthday was yesterday so my mom and I decided to make him a
cake.  We used that yellow cake recipe someone posted the other day using
ff Miracle Whip.  Well, I thought I would be brilliant and use vegan
mayonnaise instead.  The cake was, at best, a disaster.  (That's what we
get for not trying it out first.)  

So, here's the dilema.  I think that the tofu was what made the cake so
spongy and dense (nearly broke the knife when we cut it!!).  Is there
something special you should do when using tofu in a cake recipe?  Can
you use tofu in a cake recipe?  I know a couple of people on this list
have said that you can substitute 1/4 cup tofu for 1 egg.  Was the problem
that I used too much tofu?  Should I have lowered the oven temp. and baked
it longer?  Please help!!!

I really didn't think the cake tasted all that bad, but then, my sister
says my taste buds are tongue-washed since I don't eat meat or dairy.
This coming from a girl who recently has discovered that she can't stand
the smell of chicken but ordered chicken nachos anyway!?!?!?!

Hope someone out there can answer these oh-so-critical questions!

Leah in Athens, GA

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!