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Re: Molasses

> The guide also lists Blackstrap molasses, (which I have never seen or know wh
at the difference is.  May be someone can tell me.) and it seems to have more c
alcium, iron etc. and less calories and carbohydrates than the cane molasses.

I believe blackstrap molasses was originally made as a byproduct from
sugar refining.  Although it's still all sugar, it's much stronger
and less sweet tasting than other molasses.  It's definitely an acquired
taste.  If you don't like the flavor of molasses you really won't like
blackstrap.  I use it often as a sweetener, but there is no way to
mask the flavor.

> My question about molasses:  Is it substitutable with sugar in recipes?  And,
 is there a way to mask the molasses flavour of which I'm not to crazy about?

I don't think there's much point in using molasses if you don't like the flavor.

JaneColman		jane@xxxxxxxxxx