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Re: I hate brown rice!

Kellie penned;
>The basic fact of the matter is, I can't stand brown rice. Anybody have 
>a) any tips on making it more palatable
>b) any reasons why I should lose any sleep over substituting white rice
>(which I adore) for brown

        Short of making brown rice with broth (which I'd imagine you already
know about), or adding other grain in to make a sort of pilaf, there's
little that can be done with brown rice to hide the fact that it's brown
rice.  Personally, I make a batch of brown rice, wild rice, and barley, cook
it all up in mock-chicken broth (easily done, since they have the same
cooking time), and chow down.  The wild rice is nutty, the barley is chewy
and delicious, and the brown rice just sort of goes along for the rice (well
flavoured by the chicken broth).
        Another trick is not to eat the stuff naked.  Put it under or in the
rest of the meal -- in soup/stew, under chili, even mixed with a red sauce
to make a sort of 'cheaters' risotto.  Throw veggies on it (stir-fried or
not), etc. etc. etc.  Spice it up, sauce it up, sprinkle tamari or hot sauce
on it.

>But if I don't like it, I'm not gonna make it, and I'm not gonna eat it. And
>now I feel GUILTY for craving steamed white rice!

        Well, I don't know anything about McDougall, so my other suggestions
could be way out of line.  A final thought is to try a kind of brown rice
that more closely approximates the white rice you love.  Basmati is your
best bet, which cooks up fluffy and drier than regular brown (and in less
time, which is always a bonus).  The flavour's closer, too.
        Not that that will help get rid of the huge bag of brown rice on
your shelf....