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Support is OK

Jim Massey wrote in response to my post and others regarding dealing with 
family members and others who don't "see the light" about a healthy diet. 
 He said in closing "Now, back to the recipes."(See V97 #239 for the full 

I take offense to that sentiment and the tone of the response that 
suggests that I get over it. I do not preach to the unconverted in my 
daily life and am a person who quietly goes about my business without 
calling attention to it. However, I needed a shoulder to cry on, if you 
will, and I turned to the list members for some support, as have many 
others before me. I checked the list FAQs and the introduction says, 
"Discussion here is limited to foods, cooking, eating, eating out, 
dealing with family and friends, and general support related to very low 
fat vegetarianism." So don't be so quick to deny those of us group 
support who ask for it.

I'm posting this to the list instead of responding directly because I 
would hate for anyone else to be scared off when they need support, 
thinking this is a recipes only kind of list.

Julie in San Jose