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Re: Support is OK

On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, Julie Finnigan wrote:

<a few paragraphs about needing support from the list and not being a 
someone who "preaches to the unconverted" in general. This was in response 
to Jim Massey who said among other things "Now, back to the 
recipes."> She ended with...
>So don't be so quick to deny those of us group support who ask for it.
> I'm posting this to the list instead of responding directly because I 
> would hate for anyone else to be scared off when they need support, 
> thinking this is a recipes only kind of list.

I probably should let Jim respond to this himself, but I didn't interpret 
Jim's message nearly the way Julie did.  I thought he drew a useful 
parallel with religous proselytizing--not that we shouldn't try to be an 
example to those around us whom we care about, but that food (and 
religion) are not logical choices but emotional ones.

I also found his last statement (now, back to the recipes) simply to be a 
general sort of ending statement.  I don't think that Jim was trying to 
deny anyone support or saying that Julie shouldn't have posted what she 
did (at least, I hope he wasn't).  I really didn't find his post to be 
negative or of a type to scare anyone off.

This list has always been a support list as well as a recipes list.  In 
fact, Michelle has resisted several attempts to make a recipes-only 
list out of this list.

Now, back to the recipes and support....

Susan Lehman
Go Heels!