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It seems like lately a lot of people have been talking about how their
relatives (or friends) are intolerant of their low-fat vegetarian
eating, so I thought I'd share my own success.

I had to (doctor's orders) go on a 10% cff diet because my triglycerides
were extremely high due to side effects of an acne medicine I'm taking
(I'll be off it soon!)  It was REALLY hard for me at first.  I didn't
know what to eat or how to cook the right things.  But after I found
this list in June, it really helped!

My parents were really supportive and encouraged me to stick with it and
not cheat.  And when I visited them, my mom made low-fat meals (which we
all ate and my brother wasn't too happy about), which was incredible
since my family usually eats totally SAD.  Then my dad decided he wanted
to eat low-fat and my mom started cooking lower fat.  My dad lost 40
pounds and my brother lost 20! (I only lost 10 pounds, but I FEEL like I
lost 70!)  And not only have they lost weight, but their attitudes have
changed and they really think about what they're eating.

I'm not a very good cook (I'm 22, haven't had much practice yet), so
following recipes is what I like to do.  This list has introduced me to
all sorts of ingredients that I'd never tried before and gotten me to
try recipes with spinach and tofu and other things that I wouldn't have
been cooking if I hadn't started eating vlf.

So, while I started this "diet" as a temporary thing, after reading
Ornish's book about preventing heart disease and hearing how all of you
can live your lives happily eating low-fat without feeling deprived, I
think I'm going to stick with it.

Thanks for setting a good example!

in Salt Lake City, wishing I was in Virginia (with my family)