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Forget the baked apple!

Okay, that's the first and last time I ever post a recipe that I think I 
remember from my head, and especially one that I haven't tried yet! I 
sent a recipe for baking apples in the microwave with creme soda or 

As luck would have it, I actually bought a can of rootbeer yesterday when 
someone invited me to go get a soda with them (haven't had a soda in a 
long time). I only drank a little, took the rest home, and decided to dig 
out the baked apple recipe. 

First mistake: the recipe doesn't say anything about a microwave, but 
says to bake it for 30 minutes at 350. So I decided to follow the 

Second mistake: sprinkle with cinnamon.

Result: A soft baked apple sitting in a pool of hot soda. It didn't turn 
syrupy or gooey, just swimming in hot soda. The flavor of the apple was 
pretty good, but I tossed the liquid because it was kind of pointless to 
bother with it.

Lesson learned! Sorry if anybody had their heart set on this.

Julie in San Jose