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Re: Teflon Liners & bread

Susan Lehman wrote:
> On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Michelle Dick wrote:
> > The baking sheets I use are not teflon, but some sort of silicate.
> > They go under the brand name "exopat".  Quite expensive, though, much
> > more than the teflon sheets you found.
> > I was trying to find where I originally read about them.  I thought it
> > was Cook's Illustrated (I have the bound sets), but couldn't find them
> > in the indexes.
> I love Cook's Illustrated for the food science, though there's too much meat
> and fat ("Using milk didn't have the right mouth feel, so I tried heavy
> cream"  !! Yikes!).  The information on the baking sheets was from an
> article on how to cook the perfect (fat-laden) lace cookie.  It was
> within the last 5 issues, because that's as long as I've subscribed.
> Probably from Feb to April of 1997?
> And Newshock wrote:
> >I never knew that bread was bad for you!!  I bake this wonderful fat free
> >whole grain bread and now my family will eat nothing else!!  I thought I was
> >doing something good for us.  Please explain why bread is a no no.
> Bread is not a no-no.  Some of the people on this list, in addition to
> doing a regular fatfree veggie diet, are on the McDougall Maximum Weight
> Loss Plan.  Under this plan, you aren't supposed to have processed foods,
> including flour.  If you eat fatfree for general health reasons, heart
> reasons, or moderate weight loss, you don't have to worry about this at
> all.  Personally, I could never give up bread or pasta.
> Susan Lehman
> Go Heels!

My mistake.  After reading this I got my issues out since this cut down
the time frame and found it.  It's the May/June 1997 issue on page 20
and 32.  They used the Silpat and quote a price of $16 - a*lot* cheaper
than I've seen.  Their contact:  Demarle Inc., 2666-B Route 130 North,
Cranbury, NJ  08512, 609-395-0219.