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Gimme Lean/Non-stick liners/flexible cutting mats

Betty Miller asked about finding Gimme Lean:

I once saw it in the sausage case right alongside the Jimmy Dean sausage.
This was in a small grocery store that didn't have a vegetarian section.
Either it was there because they didn't know where else to put it, or the
stocker didn't read the label!  My health food store also carries it.  

You might just want to get out the phone book and start calling grocery
stores, rather than running around looking for it.  That way, even if they
don't have it you'll have the opportunity to let them know you want it.
Who knows, maybe they'll get it in for you!

Julie in San Jose asked about non-stick liners & cutting mats:

King Arthur's carries a non-stick baking sheet, what they call a "French
Baker's Sheet," which is a silicone-coated flexible fiber mat.  It's not
cheap, though, at $28.95.  (King Arthur's number:  800-827-6836)

Dixie Diner's Club carries the flexbile cutting mats for $3.99.  (Their
number:  800-233-3668)