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Teflon Liners & bread

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Michelle Dick wrote:

> The baking sheets I use are not teflon, but some sort of silicate.
> They go under the brand name "exopat".  Quite expensive, though, much
> more than the teflon sheets you found.
> I was trying to find where I originally read about them.  I thought it
> was Cook's Illustrated (I have the bound sets), but couldn't find them
> in the indexes. 

I love Cook's Illustrated for the food science, though there's too much meat 
and fat ("Using milk didn't have the right mouth feel, so I tried heavy 
cream"  !! Yikes!).  The information on the baking sheets was from an 
article on how to cook the perfect (fat-laden) lace cookie.  It was 
within the last 5 issues, because that's as long as I've subscribed.  
Probably from Feb to April of 1997?

And Newshock wrote:

>I never knew that bread was bad for you!!  I bake this wonderful fat free
>whole grain bread and now my family will eat nothing else!!  I thought I was
>doing something good for us.  Please explain why bread is a no no.

Bread is not a no-no.  Some of the people on this list, in addition to 
doing a regular fatfree veggie diet, are on the McDougall Maximum Weight 
Loss Plan.  Under this plan, you aren't supposed to have processed foods, 
including flour.  If you eat fatfree for general health reasons, heart 
reasons, or moderate weight loss, you don't have to worry about this at 
all.  Personally, I could never give up bread or pasta.

Susan Lehman
Go Heels!