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Re: FF Bread

Hi, Lee..

> My daughter surprised me yesterday with a bread machine. My question is..what
> can I substitute for the oil in most bread recipes to have it ff or vlf?

I've been using a bread machine for a couple of years now and I've never
added oil or used a sub even with recipes calling for as much as 6T of
oil.  I have, a few times, added a bit of extra liquid (a teaspoon at a
time) when the machine was having a tough time mixing the ingredients or
beginning to knead the dough.

Two books that I've found invaluable are:

Donna German's _The Bread Machine Cookbook IV: Whole Grains & Natural
Sugars_, ISBN 1-55867-049-1, lists for $8.95 and is loaded with great
recipes (only a few call for oil but are fine without it).

Madge Rosenberg's _The Best Low-fat, No-sugar Bread Machine Cookbook
Ever_, ISBN 0-06-017174-X, lists for $16.95.  It's a bit more
adventurous ingredient-wise, some recipes call for minced prunes or figs
to replace oil, and it has a chapter of salt-free recipes.