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Oiless Bread

Oil in bread recipes (this is for Tiffany but the rest of you can read it,
too <G>) is usually to make the dough a little easier to handle and/or to
make the bead fresher longer.

Try eliminating the oil.  You'd be amazed at how many recipes have come down
from the days when Teflon and Baker's Secret pans were not available.

I'm reminded of the story of the woman who always cut off two inches from
her ham.  Someone asked her why she did that.  She didn't know.  So she
called her mother who said she didn't know why, either.  But she had always
done it.   So they caller HER mother.

"My baking pan was two inches too short, so I had to cut off the other two

Lots of traditonal recipes and customs have survived the ages.  Try not
adding oil, you'd be amazed at how many recipes that call for it can either
do without it or by simply adding Ener-G egg replacer you can add the extra
moisture the recipe called for.

We're a NEW generation of cooks.  Let's start creating OUR traditions!