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McDougall and Flour

Jane, are you eating bread?  Tsk, tsk.  (Jane and I are e-mail pals, so hope
y'all don't mind me chiding her a bit on fatfree.)

I like your idea for a salad.  We mix our's in a half-gallon container and
dip into it whenever we want some crunch in our lives.

Instead of a salad dressing I sprinkle a bit of nutritional yeast on top.

I carry two baggies with me at all times: nutritional yeast and Roma.  In a
restaurant I can order a mixed salad DRY (of course the veggies have quite a
bit of moisture so it's not really dry) sprinkle my yeast and feast on the

I also ask for hot water and gladly pay for tea or coffee even though I use
my own Roma.  It's one of those little compromises one has to put up with to
get what they want.  Sometimes I'm not charged for the water, so I leave a
larger tip <G>.

But BREAD?  One of the reasons I'm losing is that I've cut out ALL bread and
flour products.  It killed me at first, but now I never even think of bread
as a part of my lifestyle.

When I hit my desired weight I will bake a loaf of bread and,,,no, I'll not
snarf the entire loaf, I've worked too hard to get the fat off.

Wheeeeee, I can even see my lap by looking straight down!