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Yes, but...

Kate wrote:

It's not supposed to be safe to let foods cool down before you put them
in the freezer or fridge.  During that time bacteria can grow.

Sure bacteria can grow, I guess.  I'm no food scientist but since it's not a
meat dish (which has started out with g-d knows what) beans PROBABLY won't
have anything harmful grow on them during a normal cooling down process.

I could be wrong, but I've left beans out on the stove overnight and,
provided that no utensil that has been in a mouth has been in the beans,
I've had them for breakfast and never had a problem.

For that matter I leave cooked rice in the original cooking container out

Again, I could be wrong, but I'd be concerned about animal products growing
bacteria before I'd worry about a pot of pintos going bad during a cool down

Doggone it, it's 1:05 am and now I want some cold beans.  Sure glad I'm on
the PMWL!