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Re: Underweight???

>Does anyone else on the list share this problem...I mean, is anyone committed >to a low fat diet but find themselves unable to maintain their weight?  Any     
>recipes or eating tips on this would be really appreciated.

>Kind regards to everyone,

No, I don't have that problem, but may I add my ideas?

It's good that Andrew is upping the fat in his diet for now, to try to
stabilize his weight.  Is he still getting at least 70% calories from
complex carbs?  This is important to keep the metabolism on an even
keel.  What's his total daily calories?  An adult male should be eating
somewhere in the range of 2000 - 3000 calories a day, depending on size
and activity level.

However, if the weight loss continues, please seek expert advice from an
MD, nutritionist, certified herbalist, holistic healer, etc...  There
may be a problem here not related to diet, and unexplained weight loss
_may_ indicate a more serious condition.

Good luck, and please keep us informed on how this works out!

health and joy,