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RE: Travel Food

Barb Beck wrote:
>Just came back from a month of traveling by car to Calif and
>all around Southern Alberta.  Here is how I survived.  We had
>a large ice chest (Plus another for bringing back fat free cheese)
>and thermoses which we filled with boiling water each morning.

Keep in mind that the food labeling laws in Canada are generally
more strict than those in the US.  Here, if a serving 'portion'
contains less than .5grams of fat +/- 20% [.4 to .6grams], it
can be labeled FAT FREE!

What is the lowest fat content cheese available in Canada?
Probably not much different than our FatFree stuff.

I can now buy Kraft, Healthy Choice, Safeway Brand, QFC Brand
and at least one other 'FatFree' cheese in the store.
I figure that each slice has <1GRAM of fat and consume with caution.

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