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pressure cooker recipes


there are a couple good (really good) books out there on vegetarian PC.
most of the recipes can be easily modified to FF or to a level you're
comfortable with.  i've been using mine alot lately and (besides how BIG it is)
really love cooking with it...talk about fast!.  i'd have to double check on
the titles for you, but one i think is called "an ecological kitchen".  some of
the recipes are very earthy but all are focused on whole foods cooking.  the
other is, i believe, "vegetarian PC".  i checked both of these out of the
library and have thought about buying them both.  

i made an indian stew from the 2nd book last night.  maybe not very
traditional, but very good!  definitely try some of the recipes;  the PC is
great for steaming veggies, cooking beans and grains, but you can turn out some
fabulous meals too if you get adventurous.

have fun