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Travel Food

Just came back from a month of traveling by car to Calif and 
all around Southern Alberta.  Here is how I survived.  We had
a large ice chest (Plus another for bringing back fat free cheese)
and thermoses which we filled with boiling water each morning.

Carried 1. Golden Soy Sauce
        2. Herbed Vinegar (A bottle of good wine vinegar stuffed with
basil leaves, slices of red hot pepper, plack peppercorns, mustard seed
and several cloves of garlic.
       3.  Oriental Dressing (rice wine with golden soy sauce, hot pepper
sauce and sweetner (artificial in my case - I must limit carbs)
       4. Plain vinegar, salt, pepper, coffee, FF hot chocolate, tea
and pops.

Started with a big "Bean Salad from Hell" as my husband calls it and
continued to make up new batches on the road.  Basic Bean Salad -
3 cans cut wax beans, three cans cut green beans, three cans Kidney
(or other bean), 1 large sweet onion chopped.  Drain beans and put
in large container with onion.  Add about 1/2 to 1 cup vinegar (depending
on how tart you like it and a dozen or so packages of sweetenr (or teaspoons
of sugar or other sweetner).  Lots of fresh ground pepper. Adjust vinegar,
pepper and sweetenr to taste.  

Used grocery stores and corner stores for lots of fresh fruit, and
veggies and to replace supply of milk, fat free cheese and cereal.

The bean cucumber and cabbage salades were made up in motel room or 
campground.  The green salad was made up in the mornings and dressed
just before eating. The bean salad, cucumber salad and cabbage salad
keep for days.

For lunches in car: 
   1. bean salad sometimes with ff cottage cheese and ryvita crackers
   2. apples and fat free cheese
   3. fat free cheese and ryvita crackers
   4. fat free fruit yogurt (sometimes with bran buds stirred into it)
   5. green salad with herbed vinegar and golden soy sauce along with 
some fat free cheese and ryvita crackers
  6. Cucumber salad made with sliced cucumbers and onions with oriental 
dressing. with cottage cheese and ryvita
 7.  Cabbage salad made with chopped cabbage and oriental dressing   
 8. Fresh fruit dipped in sweetened fat free sour cream which has
had about 1/2 teaspoon of cocoanut flavoring added per cup.
9. Instant low fat soups prepared in car with hot water from thermos
(I like to pour the hot soup over a bed of fresh veggies)

Breakfast was usually cereal and fresh fruit.  

Would like ideas from others.

Barb Beck, Barb.Beck@xxxxxxxxxxx , Edmonton, Alberta, Canada