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Re: kasha

Robin Knapp asked about making kasha.  My Russian grandmother used to
make it and to this day the smell of kasha makes me think of her. 
Traditionally, a cup of kasha (can be whole, coarse or fine) is mixed
with an egg and cooked in a heavy pan until it smells toasty and each
grain is separate.  I don't use the egg but I do toast the grain briefly
in a pan before adding two cups of boiling water and some vegetarian
bouillion.  Cover and it is done in about fifteen minutes or less.  
That's another great thing about kasha-it's very quick cooking.  One cup
of kasha to two cups of water or broth.  Saute some onions and add them
to the cooking kasha.  Yum.  Kasha goes well with baked potatoes.  I
also add it to potato/kale soup.  It is a very nourishing food.