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eggplant seeds

>Note:  I never salt the eggplant.  Just buy fresh firm skinned vegetables.
>I believe the bitterness comes from old ones with large seeds.

I have been led to understand that it's not the age of the eggplant, but
the sex.  (tee, hee!)
Here's how you sex your eggplant:
Look on the bottom.  If the 'navel' is small and indented with a fleshy
border, it's female.  If the bottom is smooth with a larger and rounder
navel, it is of masculine inclination.  The female has more seeds, and is
therefore more bitter.  The male has less seeds, so of course has a milder
flavour.  Go for this one.

And don't laugh.  I'm serious!

Hope this helps.

Sharon  :-)


Sharon M.  BSc(Hons)Ost, MRO
Reg'd Osteopath