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        Congratulations on adopting kids! Kasha seems to be a more generic
term for porridge and cereal in Russia, rather than referring exclusively
to the buckwheat groats sold here as kasha. My daughter's Russian violin
teacher tells her that she must eat lots of kasha so that her hands will
grow bigger. In Russian beginning readers, "kasha" is a standard rhyme with
"Masha" (nickname for Mary).
        Here's how we make kasha:

1 c. buckwheat groats
1 egg
1 chopped onion
2-1/2 c. water or vegetable stock, boiling
chopped parsley or cilantro, if available fresh

Beat egg well, coat the groats, and cook in a heavy-bottom skillet at low
heat until the grains are dry and separate. Add the boiling water/stock,
onion, parsley, cook covered at low heat (like rice) for 25 minutes or
until the liquid is absorbed. Fluff with fork.
        Variations: we like a few tablespoons of tamari (strong soy sauce)
or a mashed clove of garlic to add flavor. One kid prefers it dry, and
another prefers it mushy. I eat the leftovers with barbeque sauce for