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Joanne wrote:

> Just a quick question for Kate.....what is marmite? and can we get it in
> the US?  I've been in England and I know I asked a friend at one time, but
> have forgotten.

Marmite is a thick brown salty spread made from some kind of yeast. It's
similar to Vegemite (the Australian version). 

I don't know if you can get it in the US...presumably someone who lives 
there would be better placed to answer that than myself ;-) 

To substitute, note that it is a seasoning rather than a bulk ingredient,
so you could just leave it out. Alternatively, I have tried jars of
'concentrated vegetable stock' which taste about the same. Maybe this
would be easier for you to find? One brand is 'Vecon'. You could also try
using soy sauce instead...the flavour is different but similar. 

Marmite is one of those things...you either love it (me!) or you hate it.


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