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Re: marmite

> to the person who asked about marmite...
> It is a kiwi/Aussie thing I think, a yeast extract, people who don't first try
> it as a kid always seem to think it is really gross!!  It is a brown spread -
> you don't need much - used much as you use jam.  It is also good for using in
> making gravy.  Could be similar in taste to miso actually...  There is also
> vegemite (I can't see the difference on the label but...) and promite
> (Australian brand).  it is a matter of taste which you use.  They are very high
> in B vitamins.
> You can probably use them in much the same way you use miso - I have heard of
> people making a hot tea-like drink from it.

yes...they are spreads..an acquired taste for sure...
yes some people put a spoon full in a cup with hot water...
it is just like a beef broth.....soup....etc....
Most people put lightly on buttered toasts and in my SAD days
most people I knew at work would put a bit on fried eggs...