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You wrote:

>Just a quick question for Kate.....what is marmite? and can we get it in
>the US?  I've been in England and I know I asked a friend at one time, but
>have forgotten.
I bought a small jar of marmite at a HF store recently.  It's a nutritional
yeast-based product that tastes like miso with a little yeast in it.  It
said on the label that you could spread it on toast, but I don't recommend
that for those of us who didn't grow up with it.  It was pretty strong.  %^*
I would love to know how to use it  if anyone has any ideas other than the
ways we already use miso.  I had heard from an Aussie about vegemite
sandwiches and thought Marmite might be the same.  Does anyone know about


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