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Re: soyakaas FF cheeses

Thanks!  I realize that many people say 'just forego the cheese' which I
have done for a long time.  However, everyonce in awhile I need the
comfort that cheese used to give me, and the texture of cheese just can't
be substituted.......Judy

On Tue, 4 Mar 1997, Aiko Pinkoski wrote:

> I really really like the jalapeno flavor, it's the only FF
> cheese I'll eat plain on crackers or w/bread.  I grate it and
> then use it to top my nachos and it melts fine as long as you 
> don't overcook it!  (then it gets rubbery and weird).   I
> microwave about 1 minute but on top of a large plate of
> baked chips & beans & salsa.  I've also used the plain
> flavor in baked pasta dishes (inside sauces)  and that
> works good.  But I find those rather tasteless.... I guess
> kind of like regular American cheeses :-)
> Aiko Pinkoski