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Re: Soy and soy milk

To Laura and fat free list re soy milk,
I just tried Pacific Fat Free Non Dairy Soy Beverage by Pacific Foods of
Oregon, Inc., Tualatin, Oregon 97062 in the vanilla flavor and it is quite
good.  Compared to regular fat-free milk, nutrition facts are similar.  I had
never tried any "soy milk" before so mixed half with regular fat-free milk to
get used to the flavor.  The other product I tried was Westbrae Natural
Westsoy Non Fat Non Dairy Soy Beverage, also in the vanilla flavor.  Their
number is 800-SOY-MILK.  After getting used to the color (light tan), I
realized it tastes like "thai iced tea" which I have not indulged in for
years because of the fat and calories, so this was a very nice surprise!  I'm
sure us creative fat-free folks can come up with several "soy shakes" or the
like for these products.  Any ideas?

Laura, other sources of soy I like are tofu with 1 g. fat (Mori-Nu) and tofu
cheese (which actually melts!).  Spend time browsing in your local health
food stores and you'll find some interesting items.  Share with us your

Hope this helps.