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Sandwich Ideas

          My SAD husband told me yesterday that he would like to
          incorporate some healthier habits into his diet (joy).  We
          decided to start with his lunches, right now if he is not
          eating out at some grease-pit, I make him sandwiches or
          something but there is always m*at involved.  I usually have
          beans and rice (which I could eat for lunch from now until
          eternity), but he has this "thats a side dish, not a meal"
          mentality about that right now.

          So, I am looking for sandwich ideas that will be substantial
          enough for him to consider them FOOD, and prevent him from
          snacking on junk (I am going to make those chick-pea
          crunchies someone posted for him if the urge gets too
          great--thanks!), but at the same time are quick enough for
          me to make before bed or in the morning before we both go to
          work.  He has access to a fridge and a microwave at work.

          Thanks in advance for the ideas!