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Re: Sandwich Ideas

>           something but there is always m*at involved.  I usually have
>           beans and rice (which I could eat for lunch from now until
>           eternity), but he has this "thats a side dish, not a meal"
>           mentality about that right now.

the simplest lunch I have often is leftovers (or the beans and rice you 
have for your lunch) wrapped in a tortilla.Burritos are not side 
dishes, and rubbermaid has a perfect burrito shaped  container.  This 
week I took left over potato dumplings and mushed them into a stirfry 
with spinach, corn, onions and salsa.  it turned out  great!  I make 
several of these "burritos" with whatever leftover filling I have on hand 
and freeze them on a baking sheet.  Later I wrap them seperately.  It 
takes care of my week of lunches all on the weekend.


Sarah Novotny
University of North Carolina
Department of Physics & Astronomy
CB#3255 Phillips Hall
Chapel Hill NC 27514