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Easter dinner

Someone asked what people are doing for Easter dinner, if they are having 
such a thing.  I know that I cook lighter for Easter than Thanksgiving, and 
use more of the fresh veggies available at this time of year.  We are 
potlucking, and I planned to bring baked new potatoes and an elaborate 
green salad.  My brother will steam asparagus and probably have a rice 
casserole of some kind.  My aunt and uncle will bring their own meat and 
cocktails, since they are the only truly determined SAD eaters in the crowd 
(see, we aren't the only people to drag our own food along).

Anyway, I thought that I would bake the new potatoes (little red potatoes) 
in some veggie broth with herbs.  I was thinking of basil & tarragon, but 
does anyone have any tried and true ideas here?