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Chorizo con Huevos

Hi folks,
		I took my dog to the vet at 8:00 a.m. this morning. Usually I stop on
the way home and get breakfast tacos for the family.  I really wanted to
get some chorizo and egg tacos for myself.  But, as any of you who have
cooked chorizo (Texas style) know, it oozes rivers of quickly congealing
orange oil slicks.  I have developed an aversion to that that temptation
can't break through.  I came home and took about a half cup of TVP
granules, added about 1/8 cup of menudo seasoning and a little salt, and
added boiling water to it.  Then I mixed in a two-egg container of egg
substitute and put the whole thing in the microwave.  The results were
almost exactly the same as Chorizo con Huevos.  It tasted the same, it
chewed the same, and most importantly (don't ask!) it swallowed the
	Now, who can tell me how to actually make fatfree menudo?

Jim Baker, San Antonio, Texas