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resend recipe test


Hello everyone(sorry about the first message);

First of all, I've been a vegetarian going on my third year.  I've
noticed that the longer I go with out animal products, my taste response
to foods continue to change.  If I were to evaluate recipes from this
group a couple of years ago, I'm sure that I would have had a different

  With that in mind, I tried the following:

Great Northern Mock Tuna Salad.....made a sandwich(2) on whole wheat
                                   bread(toasted) with non-fat mayo,
                                   lettuce, red onion slices, tomato
                                   slices and a cup of tea.  I made
                                   one change to the recipe, I added
                                   hot sauce, because I like it.
                                   Note! Did not put a lot of the
                                   mixture on the bread.
submitted by Julie Finningan
rating ........I enjoyed it.  I'll do this again.
Baked Bean Meatloaf................Cooled meatloaf before slicing.
                                   Heated thin slices of meatloaf in a
                                   cast iron skillet(wiped with olive
                                   oil) till browned and crispy, steamed 
                                   corn, steamed green beans and a
                                   fatfree vegetarian gravy. 
                                   Note! I preferred the thin slices.
submitted by Sharon McCleave
rating.........I had this tonight, turned out to be pretty good.  Nice
taste when browned.
This is my way of saying thank you to all of the members that take the
time to share their recipes with the group...........frankok@xxxxxxxxxx