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concentrated bouillon

Well, I picked up some of the new concentrated bouillon pastes to try
out.  I got Better than Bouillon vegetable stock and mushroom stock.
and Veggie-Glace Gold.  The Better Than Bouillon jars were $4.55 for
8oz and the Veggie-Glace was $21.95 for 16 oz. (!)  For those in the
SF Bay Area, I got them all at Draeger's in Menlo Park.

I mixed up some broth from each of the 3 as well as a from a Herb-OX
vegetable broth cube.  I used 1 t (1 cube) to 1/4 cup of water.

I must say I was unimpressed.  The BtB mushroom smelled delicious and
I could taste some of the great mushroom flavor, but both it and
vegetable stock were extremely salty and overwhelmed the flavor of the

The Veggie-Glace was not at all salty, but it didn't have as rich a
flavor as the BtB.  I added salt so as to better compare it to BtB,
but it still had a weaker taste.  

BtB vegetable wasn't all that different than Herb-Ox.  All of them
were better than canned vegetable stock (I've tried many canned brands
in the past -- all were bad).  Veggie-Glace is a top choice for those
wishing a less salty broth

I didn't try comparing them to my own stock or making a sauce or saute
liquid with them, this might make a big difference.  I have 32 ounces
of bouillon paste in the fridge to use up, so my opinion on them may
change as I have a chance to experiment.

Michelle Dick             artemis@xxxxxxxxx              East Palo Alto, CA