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I found this site (ff digest) a few months ago and just love it.  As a
recent convert to the ff lifestyle it it has provided much inspiration
in what can be a difficult transition.  Unfortunatly, my wife is still a
carnivore ( her motto is: If God didn't want us to eat cows, he wouldn't
have made them out of meat)( of course, givin the help we have recieved
from our corporate friends at Monsanto and ADM, I'm not sure they are
made out of meat anymore) and finding ff meals that she enjoys is VERY
hard.  She says that most of the meals I have made from the numerous veg
cook books I own taste "just like the grass we ate last night but from a
different cook book".  If fact, the only recipies she has liked have
come from ff digest and I would like to thank you all for that.

My question is about computerized cook books.  I have been useing a
shareware program called "From Scratch" for years now.  It's simple and
dosn't use much HD space but I recently "upgraded?" to win95 and the two
programs don't seem to be compatible.  I have an old copy of meal master
but it looks like something I used to run on a TRS80.  It's time to find
a better way, and I would appreciate any feed back I can get on what
programs are good or bad before I plunk down hard earned dollars on a
new one.  I have seen many referances to "Master Cook" in ff digest.  Is
this the most popular?

As a relative newcomer to this site I realize that this could be an old
question already addressed.  If so I apoligize and would appreciate
referance to the back issue(s) covering the subject.

Thanks so much for being here.
San Jose,CA