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Re: Tofu

I always avoided tofu because of the fat grams and because I wasn't sure how
to cook/eat it but Mori Nu's Lite extra firm with 1 gram of fat per 3 oz.
serving (about a one inch slice) has instantly changed my mind.  Our Whole
Foods market recently had the 10.5 oz package on sale for $0.79.  This low
fat, 0 cholesterol, low sodium (80 mg.) and 6 g. protein per serving product
can't be beat.  I use it in:

1.  Shakes, with juice, banana, fruit and couple of ice cubes
2.  Spaghetti sauce
3.  Green salads
4.  Sandwiches, with veggie "turkey" (by Yves) or other sandwich goodies
5.  Eggless egg salad (with "Tofu Mate" for seasoning and color)
6.  Stir "fry" veggies (sauted in just water) mixed with a sweet and sour

Any other suggestions?