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Re: Tofu

Larry and other tofu fans,

I too just purchased very low fat (1g.) extra firm tofu (Mori-Nu Lite) and
love it's varied uses, most of which came from this list, past and present:

1.  Slice like cheese, dip in egg substitute and then seasoned (no salt)
bread crumbs.  Cook on Pam'ed baking sheet at 350 for 5 min., flip and
continue cooking to your crispyness liking; can't believe you're eating tofu!

2.  Dice and mix with veggie stir-fry and sweet/sour sauce.  Excellent over
bulgar, rice and next day, too

3.  Slice and use with meatless deli slices (watch the salt content of the
slices, though) on whole grain bread with touch of spicy mustard

4.  Add to shake with banana, ff yogurt, (soy) milk, frozen or fresh berries

Make up your own!