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Okay, Judy (grin)

I'll see your recipe and raise you one that's really FAST.

I use a pressure cooker to do this one, but when you get home, you're
hungry, and you want a fat-free meal FAST...

Put about 2 cups of water into the pressure cooker and put it over
medium-high heat.  Then...

Cut some potatoes into large cubes, do the same with carrots, celery, onion
. . . in other words, empty the veggie bin and don't forget to press three
or four or five or six cloves of garlic (okay, so I like garlic.

Bring up to heat, cook for about four minutes after the steam builds.

After the steam has gone down and the top is open, CHEAT.  Take one or two
Nature's Touch vegan burgers (sheer heaven!) and chop into bite-sized
pieces.  Drop in (even frozen) and stir.  Then open a package of Pioneer
Fat-Free Brown Gravy and slowly stir it into the stew.

A thick slice of fresh whole wheat bread and you're eating within a few
minutes of getting home.

Simple, fast, and delicious.

Oh, if you want, add some larger pasta to it.  Don't worry, it will be
overcooked, but yummm!